Full-time crypto summer

Digital Drawing

Created in Photoshop with Huion Kamvas


I’m not full-time crypto but listening to information in the background, recently has become something pretty common. I like to learn about new projects, to know opinions and ideas from people who know a lot about the subject. I have heard many people say that when you dive into crypto full-time, you are going to “work” at all hours, so I wanted to dedicate a digital drawing to this, but with a summery tones. Because working doesn’t always have to be something stressful. It is up to us to decide under what circumstances, conditions and what kind of work we do. Though I am aware how difficult it can be to liberate from comfort of stability and follow your own flow. Sometimes there are too many responsibilities, emotional attachments, or any other aspects which bind us to our misery. Therefore I find it even more important to be able to take that risk and find out what you really want. Our life may have many different endings, but it is influenced by singular choices we make today.