meditation - release the fears

Digital Drawing

Created in Photoshop with Huion Kamvas


I recently came across some of my notes that I had created in 2013, which reminded me of very significant experiences I had made that year. Apart from the writings, I had created a couple of quick sketches, to represent those feelings more clearly. I thought about how challenging some of these experiences were and it felt very precious to me, to remind myself that transformation comes through totality.

I created the digital drawing based on this sketch, which shows how I felt in the moment when I fully embraced my fears for the first time.

I’ve heard many people say, that not to think is one of the most difficult things to do. But mind may put us in a sort of a daze. Laden with the memories of the past, or projections of the future, we may continue living with our fears, unaware of what holds us back, to reach our maximum. It was nice to see the overview of my own process of finding those tools, which helped me make my body and mind more flexible. And meditation is one of those most important “tools”.